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Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (A.O.B.T.) uses different strokes with the pressure of the therapists feet on strategic points along the spine muscles of the back which helps to create a push-pull pumping effect on the inter-vertebral disc space. This helps to elongate the spine. A.O.B.T. uses compressive force to help the body’s lymphatic system release toxins, waste and excess interstitial fluids; it also increases circulation, bringing more freshly oxygenated blood to the area being treated.

The pain is relieved because of what’s taking place physiologically. This deep work allows the nucleus pulposus gel inside the disk to assume its central position within the anular fibers and relieve irritation on the spinal nerve caused by inflammation and swelling.

The movements of A.O.B.T. also help to increase the inter-vertebral disk height to remove tension on the anular fibers and nerve endings by creating more space and improving circulation. The soft, natural pulling and pushing done with the therapists feet is so much deeper than what the hands can do that it restores vertebral joints to their physiological relationship of motion.

Ashiatsu session.

In short…it helps to realign the spine.

A.O.B.T. concentrates mainly on the muscles from the posterior side. Concentrated A.O.B.T. on the lower lumbar region will relieve muscle spasm and open the vertebral canal to give the nerves more spaces so that the pain-producing pressure is reduced.

This technique is a deep relaxing treatment.  The therapist's body weight is used to press and relax the muscles. The massage is done mainly with the heel and instep of her foot and sometimes the toes are also used.

The biggest benefit of the A.O.B.T. technique is that after a few treatments it will improve posture and movement while relieving pain, and improving bodily functions, creating a stat of well being.